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We have been really happy with our relationship with Consolidated Fulfillment Solutions. We were a brand new company in 2011 and didn’t really know all the ins and outs of warehousing and fulfillment, but we were most fortunate to have found this company. Within the first 2 weeks of receiving product, we had a huge order from a national chain. The team at Consolidated Fulfillment Solutions was able to turn the order around so quickly. We have received a perfect rating for quality from every one of our major vendors, and this is because of the care taken by the team doing our packing and shipping. We have continued to grow and add products to our line, and we have had the same wonderful, consistent service.
31 December 2013
Julien Sharp, President, Funnybone Toys
Several years ago my business was expanding and our warehousing and fulfillment functions were being strained to their limits. I needed to either hire additional staff and find a larger facility, or look for a dependable, economical fulfillment outsource. Fortunately, the people at Consolidated Fulfillment Inc. were the first to answer my calls for help. Although I had a great deal of trepidation about outsourcing such important functions of my growing company, after a visit to their facility and a few meetings with the key staffers at CFI, I made the leap of faith. Since then, their professionalism, attention to detail and commitment to doing whatever is necessary to meet our needs, and the needs of our customers, has allowed me to keep my focus on doing those things that will continue to grow my company with full confidence that both our products and our order fulfillment services will continue to win praise for quality and commitment to customer service.
02 February 2010
Tom Rutlin, CEO, Exerstrider Products Inc
You have been efficient, personalized, and friendly. What more can a client seek from a professional company upon which it places business reliance on?
05 February 2010
Rabbi L. Wolf, Spiritgrow Center, Australia